Neo's Friends

Neo and Friends

Neo loves making new furry friends, and always wants more! With a little help from Neo, we've created a collage of Neo's Friends from all over the world. If your dog would like to be showcased as one of Neo's Friends, join the BONEO Canine® Brand Ambassador Program!

Why Become Neo's Friend?

By becoming a Brand Ambassador (a.k.a. "Neo's Friend"), you and your dog can receive amazing benefits including a BONEO Canine® swag bag, exclusive product discounts, money back via commission program, and more. Now that's something to woof about.

Neo and Friends


Neo loves making new furry friends, and he's always looking for more! Here we have a collage of Neo's Friends from all over the world. These adorable pups are also Boneo Canine® Brand Ambassadors. Together, they share photos of their adventures, general tips, and share their experience with how they keep their bones and joints healthy! If would like your dog to become one of Neo's Friends, then check out the Boneo Canine® Brand Ambassador Program to join our fun-loving community and earn exclusive benefits. Now that's something to woof about.


Charles is an energetic pup who, despite his lovely pictures, loves to spend his time digging holes and playing in the mud.


Pumpkin (affectionately known as "Pumpkin the Diva") is a fluffy Pomeranian pup who loves French fries, wears stylish clothes, and recognizes her paw parent Karen in the mirror!


Kyzer loves to go on car rides, hikes and especially anywhere with water! Exploring Oregon is one of his favorite places to spend his time!


Mish is a 5 year old poodle mix who was rescued from the streets of Mexico. She takes Boneo to keep her 6 lb frame healthy and strong. She lives in So Cal with her mom and cat-brother, Scottie.


Chloe is a sweet and silly black Labrador who loves playing with her vast amount of toys and spending time with her favorite hoomans.