Boneo Canine® Launches Brand Ambassador Program

BONEO Canine Brand Ambassador Program

Boneo Canine® - the creators of the popular bone and joint supplement for dogs - announced their rollout of a new Brand Ambassador Program. The program, which went live on National Pet Day, is designed to promote the science behind the bone and joint supplement as well as the adventures of dogs who have personally experienced benefited from Boneo Canine®.

"We have a remarkable product that was created to help dogs both short and long term" says Daniel, a Team Member at Boneo Canine®. "Many of our customers have told us how quickly they have seen results with their dogs. As pet parents ourselves, we totally understand how important it is to keep your dog healthy – we're excited to share a natural and effective solution like Boneo Canine® with the world. That's why we created the Boneo Canine® Brand Ambassador Program."

The program offers a wide array of benefits for Boneo Canine® Brand Ambassadors, including special rewards for sharing your experience with the product, a personalized savings code to share with your followers, exclusive discounts for your own purchases, having a platform to promote your dog as one of Neo's Friends on the Boneo Canine® website and social media accounts, and much more. This setup sounds like a win-win for everyone involved!

Being a Brand Ambassador is a rewarding experience that helps share the vision of Boneo Canine® and offers a natural solution for helping dogs maintain healthy bones and joints. "People want only the best for their dogs," says Daniel. "That's why the Brand Ambassador Program focuses on dogs that live the healthy lifestyle we promote and real customers that have experienced benefits from Boneo Canine® first-hand. We're basically saying THANK YOU to those who support our mission and values with our program benefits."

"I researched so much before buying this product, and let me tell you it was so worth it. She had her casts on for 8 weeks, took this every single day and the vet said she was astounded with how well she recovered. ASTOUNDED. I will continue to give this to her to make sure she stays strong!"- Justine

Boneo Canine® is the first lactoferrin-based bone and joint supplement designed to support the entire canine skeletal system. According to the company, the popular supplement contains a patented formula powered by R-ELF (a lactose-free, milk derived protein) that "has been clinically shown to support healthy bone turnover activity, promote joint comfort and maintain healthy joint function".

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