Why Boneo Canine®?

Boneo Canine® is the only bone and joint supplement for dogs designed to support their entire skeletal system. The patented ribonuclease enriched lactoferrin (R-ELF) based technology helps build strong bones and maintain joint mobility.

R-ELF is a natural, lactose-free, milk-derived protein clinically proven to maintain strong bones by promoting healthy bone turnover. The formula also offers the benefits of traditional joint supplements by supporting mobility, flexibility and healthy joint function. Your furry one will feel the difference!

How Does It Work?

Boneo Canine® contains patented Neo-PORTIN® Complex combined with a synergistic blend of bone co-factors, bone minerals and antioxidant synergists. The formula has been carefully calibrated to maximize health benefits; each ingredient is harvested from all natural sources, dosed in the appropriate amount (not too little, not too much) and tested for purity and activity (individually and in combination). This meticulous approach ensures that the finished product is not only of the highest quality, but delivers the best results.

Directions for Use

Boneo Canine® is safe and effective for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. It is an excellent option for large breed puppies, senior dogs, and/or as a follow-up to an orthopedic procedure or fracture.

Each tablet is chewable and a delicious liver and sausage flavor. Most dogs will think it's a treat! If your dog is picky and won't gobble it up, the tablets are easy to crush and mix into food.

Patented Neo-PORTIN® Complex

Helps Build Strong Bones

Reinforces the Skeletal System

Maintains Healthy Cartilage Function

Supports Joint Comfort & Mobility

Optimal Dose of Vitamins & Minerals


Complete Bone & Joint Formula

All-Natural, Premium Quality Ingredients




Boneo Dog Bone and Joint Support Boneo Dog Bone and Joint Support
Boneo Clinical Formula Boneo Clinical Formula
Boneo Natural Bone and Joint Supplement for Dogs Boneo Natural Bone and Joint Supplement for Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

(and their answers)

How long will it take to see results?

While individual results vary, you should see positive results from Boneo Canine® within 4 weeks. Also, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, this product is backed by the Bio-Rep Satisfaction Guarantee!

Does Boneo Canine® contain glucosamine?

No, Boneo Canine® does not contain glucosamine, chondroitin or MSM. As a result, you can use it as a glucosamine-alternative (if you dog has sensitivities to glucosamine or does not respond well to it). It can also safely be used in conjunction with a glucosamine, chondroitin or MSM supplement.

How do I know if this product is right for my dog?

Boneo Canine® is safe and effective for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. This product is great for puppies who could use some extra support during their awkward growing phases (particularly large breeds), small or teacup-size dogs who can benefit from strengthening their fragile bones and joints, agility or working dogs who experience aches and pains from over-exertion, and senior dogs who need extra bone and joint support to support a good quality of life. It is also a great option to help support dogs after an orthopedic procedure or broken-bone/fracture (under the recommendation and supervision of a licensed veterinarian). For questions about your dog's specific needs, however, you should always consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian has the best understanding of your dog’s health, nutrition, and supplement needs.

What's lactoferrin, and is it safe for my dog?

Lactoferrin is an all-natural glycoprotein that is found in breast milk, tears and other body fluids of mammals. Best known as an iron-binding protein, lactoferrin is a multi-functional protein that has been extensively studied for its immune-friendly properties, as well as its role in regulating the gastrointestinal system and promoting skeletal health. Lactoferrin is currently used as a food additive in a number of products including infant formula, human bone health supplements, digestive health supplements, and products intended for sports nutrition.

Milk-Derived Lactoferrin has been recognized as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration [21 CFR.170.36(f)]. It is an all-natural protein that already exists in the bodies of most mammals, including dogs. At Bio-Rep, we’ve taken further steps to ensure your dog’s health and safety. We source our lactoferrin only from disease-free cow’s milk in Europe and US and ensure that it has undergone a strict purification process. Furthermore, you can rest assured that our lactoferrin is completely lactose-free and safe for dogs with dairy sensitivities.

Can I give Boneo Canine® to my other animals?

The Boneo Canine® line has been designed specially for dogs (particularly with dosages of nutrients) and is recommended for use in dogs only.

How long does shipping take?

You should receive your bottles of Boneo Canine® within 3-7 business days of your order date (excluding holidays and weekends).

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Absolutely! You can cancel your subscription within your user account section or by contacting us directly. The cancellation will be effective immediately and you will not be billed for any future subscription orders.

Customer Reviews

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June K Hinman
5 Star

Seeing results.

Eddie perez
Great product thank you

We recently added a new family member to our life . Upon adoption I was told he was recovering from a fractured leg . Looking for a helpful supplement I came across Boneo and Neo story . Thank you for making this product available. It has help with his healing tremendously.

Heidi Powers Powers

Boneo Canine® Maintenance

Mitch Mann
Great results

My lab has improved so nicely since we started using Boneo. We like the results.

Ianis Caracota
Miky 15 years old labrador with low chances of recovery

Miky was hit by a car,and her chances were slim to none!Most veterinarians recommended us amputation of the leg,but one said we should give NeoK9 a try( european name of boneo canine).And we did it!!!Miky is completly healed!!!!In 2 weeks she recovered more than in the first 6 weeks!!!Thank you Boneo for helping us! When I first called you, you were very responsive and send the supplements as soon as possible, because it was an emergency. Thank you again for your customer service and for the best supplements a dog can take for their bones!