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Suzanne Hill
Happy old lady

I have an 11yo pit mix that’s allergic to glucosamine. One little bit and she becomes a giant rash. She thrives on Boneo, she walks better & licks less due too her bone issues. She was starved when we got her as a puppy so her bones never developed properly. Was on heavy duty pain meds, no longer. Would recommend this product highly especially for animals allergic to glucosamine.

Hi Suzanne! Thanks for sharing your experience with your pup's positive response to Boneo Canine. We are so glad that our product helped alleviate her bone issues. So many pet parent's come to us with worries about their dog's intolerance / allergy to glucosamine - your heartfelt story will surely guide them. We truly appreciate your feedback :)

Adriana Hall
Really good

I am so thankful for this supplement!
My doggie Magnus was hit by a truck and fractured his two front legs. The right leg three times and the right two. Five fractures that required an orthopedic surgeon to perform the repair! Magnus is doing better, and I believe this supplement is helping him with the process!

Hi Adriana! Thank you for your valuable feedback. So glad your doggie Magnus is doing better with Boneo Canine. It is often recommended by veterinarians to support healthy bone recovery. Wishing Magnus the very best health :)

Gary O'Neal
Taz's Second Round

6 Years ago Taz was three years old and I was determined to avoid amputation for Taz who suffered three broken toes on his right front leg that refused to heal. I found Boneo Canine, online searching for anything to help. Absolutely zero healing was observed by vet until Boneo Canine Clinical Formula was introduced I am convinced it was the reason for Taz ability to heal. I believe that Taz would be a three leg, maybe on his way to being a two legged dog today had I not found Boneo Canine Clinical Formula. Today Sept 5 2022 Taz has suffered the exact same break (three toes) on the left front leg. I immediately ordered Boneo Canine Clinical Formula for Taz and am confident what took him 31 weeks to repair will be a much shorter recovery.

Hi Gary! Thanks for sharing your positive experience with Boneo Canine. We were so happy to hear Taz recovered years ago and we are confident he will once again bounce back to good health. Once Taz is feeling better, we can definitely transition him to Boneo Canine Maintenance Formula (or keep him on Boneo Canine Clinical Formula). Please keep us posted on his progress. Wishing the very best for Taz :)

Kathy Wahrlich
Healed my Lab’s bone

In January 2019 our 8 year old Labrador had TPLO surgery. 8 weeks later her Xray reflected No Healing of her bone. Redoing the surgery was suggested, but we decided to give her another 8 weeks to heal. I was desperate to find a solution other than another surgery. I went on a search. Bone broth was said to have healing qualities. In my searcher bone broth I discovered Boneo. I talked to representatives at Boneo. I ordered and started Haley on a daily Boneo regiment. Her next 8 week Xray showed significant healing. I strongly believe that Boneo healed my girl. Haley is doing great!!! She get Boneo daily. Always will!!!
Thank you, Boneo

Barbara Berzin

I started giving Boneo Canine Clinical to my dog, Joss, about one month following surgery for a broken elbow, where a pin and screw were inserted in the bone to keep it together. Within a week of starting, I saw a big improvement in his ability to move around and start to put some pressure on the leg. The surgeon anticipated a four month recovery due to his age and other medical conditions that could affect healing. About 10 days after starting Boneo, and 6 weeks after surgery, Joss had his first follow-up x-ray. It looked excellent, and showed the bone filling in nicely at the fracture site. The surgeon anticipated that Joss might be back to normal activity within a month, shorter than initially anticipated. I am scheduling what I hope to be the final x-ray visit right now. This is the first supplement that I have ever given my dog that seemed to have a quick and obvious benefit. At this point, Joss does not even have a discernible limp except first thing in the AM before he really gets moving. I intend to keep Joss on this formula for the foreseeable future to give him the best possible chance to build his bone strength.
I started my other dog on the Boneo maintenance formula since the glucosamine/chondroitin supplements she was taking did not seem to be helping her. She was often limping after exercise, and having a hard time after getting up from her bed. She has now been on Boneo for over a month and the limping has definitely improved significantly! It really seems to work!!