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Customer Reviews

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Cara Cooley
Dog turns her nose up

I’ve tried hiding it in her food, but she’ll spit out the pieces. These can’t help her if she won’t eat them.

Ed Hyde
Time will tell

Just started and am waiting to see if it is making a difference. Although, I must say, finger’s crossed🤞🏻it seems too.

Joan SittingBull
Best on the market

Dr. Naidu has researched and made a difference for many years. Grateful to have the opportunity to utilize for my pets.

Sarah Snyder
Can’t get my dog to eat it after the first time

My dog ate 1 pill and puked, he refuses to eat them now and they smell horrible. I tried grinding into powder and he still will refuse food because he can smell the boneo

Suzanne Hill
Happy old lady

I have an 11yo pit mix that’s allergic to glucosamine. One little bit and she becomes a giant rash. She thrives on Boneo, she walks better & licks less due too her bone issues. She was starved when we got her as a puppy so her bones never developed properly. Was on heavy duty pain meds, no longer. Would recommend this product highly especially for animals allergic to glucosamine.

Hi Suzanne! Thanks for sharing your experience with your pup's positive response to Boneo Canine. We are so glad that our product helped alleviate her bone issues. So many pet parent's come to us with worries about their dog's intolerance / allergy to glucosamine - your heartfelt story will surely guide them. We truly appreciate your feedback :)