Benefits of Lactoferrin - How It Helps Your Dog

Benefits of Lactoferrin For Your Dog

We get asked about lactoferrin all the time because it is one of the main ingredients in Boneo Canine. Ain’t no bones about it, studies have shown that lactoferrin greatly promotes bone turnover in dogs, humans and other mammals.  


What is Lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is also commonly known for its metal-binding properties and important role as a transport molecule in the body (meaning it helps with absorption of nutrients).


When it comes to the bone in particular, studies show how lactoferrin can boost the activity of the bone-building osteoblasts. This metal-binding protein has been shown to promote bone remodeling, which can be helpful during bone or fracture healing and/or when dogs need any kind of bone density support. Additionally, lactoferrin has been shown balance the activity of potentially bone-deteriorating osteoclasts, which means it helps control bone resorption. Finally, lactoferrin has been shown to regulate and modulate cartilage-producing chondrocytes, which means it can actually help rebuild cartilage. This all natural protein has been shown to promote skeletal health in many ways, which is why it’s never too early or too late to start giving your dog a supplement containing lactoferrin.


Lactoferrin for dogs

If you have a small dog chances are he jumps off the bed or couch often. Lactoferrin will promote strong and healthy bones and joints, which is so important to keep your dog feeling its best. It’s also a wonderful ingredient for rambunctious dogs who experience aches and pains from over-exertion because it helps with the managing inflammation. Strong bones and healthy joints are also essential for senior and large breed dogs who need extra bone and joint support for a good quality of life. Finally, because of its impact on bone remodeling, lactoferrin is also an excellent source of bone support for dogs that are recovering from a bone injury/fracture or surgery.


There are food sources for lactoferrin, one of the best being milk and dairy. However, many dogs are actually sensitive to the lactose in dairy. It takes multiple liters of milk to produce the lactose-free lactoferrin that goes into one recommended daily serving this protein. That's why the best source for lactose-free lactoferrin is usually a supplement.

Lactoferrin is actually one of the main ingredients in Boneo Canine, but its important to note that all lactoferrin is not the same. First, this lactoferrin is superior because it is sourced from the milk of free-range, grass-fed cows in New Zealand (the only region in the world where the cows are certified disease-free). Furthermore, this ultra-purified lactoferrin complex in Boneo Canine is so unique that it is backed by six patents. It is unique because it is the only bone and joint supplement that uses ribonuclease-enriched lactoferrin (R-ELF), which is a combination of two types of milk proteins (lactose free): angiogenin and lactoferrin. This combination of these all natural milk proteins have been shown to promote bone remodeling, manage joint inflammation and increase the absorption of minerals, particularly metal-based. As a result, it is the only bone and joint supplement for dogs for that helps target the entire skeletal system, not just the joints. Learn more about it by watching this video:

As always, it is always recommended to consult with your veterinarian first before starting your dog on any new supplement or dietary regimen.

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