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Boneo Canine®

Boneo Canine® is a unique, all-natural, clinically-tested bone and joint supplement for dogs that builds stronger bones and supports healthy joints. Unlike traditional glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM supplements that only address the joints, Boneo Canine® is the first lactoferrin-based supplement that reinforces your dog's ENTIRE skeletal system - the joints AND the bones.

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What Makes It Unique?

Boneo Canine® contains patented Neo-Portin® Complex, a blend powered by ribonuclease-enriched lactoferrin (R-ELF). R-ELF is an all-natural, lactose-free, milk-derived protein that has been clinically proven to promote healthy bone turnover + maintain joint comfort and healthy joint function. The formula is also fortified with vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to provide optimal skeletal support for your dogs.

Inspired by a Rescue

Boneo Canine® was inspired by a spirited Siberian Husky named Neo. His incredible story - from being a stray dog left terribly injured from a heartless hit and run accident, who bravely fought against all odds to make a full recovery, to becoming a doggy superstar who sparked the creation of a revolutionary health product to help other dogs around the world!

Meet Neo

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"Our vet even asked what we were giving our dog because he wanted to start recommending it to his other patients. What an amazing product! Thank you Boneo!

- Lily S.

"I quickly noticed a difference within a week. Daisy was excited to eat, she loves her Boneo tablets and now her muscle mass has come back. She actually jumps up and down now. I highly recommend Boneo!

- Patricia M.

"My dog has hip and knee problems due to his age but with these pills he runs around and is not in pain. This is my third bottle and I'm glad to say it really works! By the way he is 11.5 years old."

- Angel C.

"We thank the makers of Boneo for helping our old girl live out the rest of her days being mobile. It is worked for my dog and just might help your dog too. It's worth a try. I do recommend this product, Boneo. BIG Thanks!

- Joshua R.

"I used Boneo from day 4 of his bone breakage... My dog actually entered a dog show the 9th week after he broke his leg... and won in his age group!"

- El P.