Brand Guideline

We are excited that you want to share the mission of Boneo Canine® with the world! To help streamline the experience for everyone, we have created a simple Brand Guideline that will show you how to promote Boneo Canine® using different branding material including the logo, icon, and name.

Brand Style


Complete and submit the BONEO Canine® Brand Ambassador Form (link to form provided below)


If accepted into the program, you will receive a BONEO Canine® Welcome Kit


As a BONEO Canine® Brand Ambassador, share your unique code to give others 10% discount


For every product purchased using your unique code, you will earn 5% commission

DO NOT modify the logo/icon color, orientation or shape. We have official variants for light/dark themes.

Use the Boneo black text logo on a light background and the Boneo white text logo on a dark background.

Refer to the brand name in full as Boneo Canine. Avoid using abbreviated or condensed variations.

Logo Assets

Photo Inspiration

Before you post a photo of your pup with Boneo Canine®, take a look below to see an example of how to make your photo really shine!

Great Photo

+ Clear, focused
+ Bright, adequate lighting
+ Product name (Boneo Canine®) visible
+ High-resolution (more than 1000px by 1000px)

Not-So Great Photo

x Blurry, unfocused
x Dark, inadequate lighting
x Product name (Boneo Canine®) not visible
x Low-resolution (less than 1000px by 1000px)